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Yucaipa Locksmith - What to Do, Ignition Cylinder Problems

Starting a car is so easy these days. In newer car models, you do not even need to use a key. All you need to do is push a button. However, there are many cars that still require you to turn a key in the ignition regardless of how the key looks. When you turn this key and realize that your car does not start, you know that something is wrong. If you carry out all the necessary steps in terms of an inspection and know that there is no alarm system or safety feature that is preventing your vehicle from starting, you should start thinking about the possibility of a problem with the ignition cylinder. If you are in Yucaipa and this has just happened to you, call Yucaipa Locksmith now.

The ignition cylinder of your car may seem like a simple device that you need to get your car started. But, have you ever thought about it as a safety device? Did you realize that it is the unique nature of your ignition that can prevent other drivers from starting your vehicle instead of theirs? Yes, it is true. The ignition cylinder offers some protection against theft. If you do not have the correct tools to access it, the vehicle will not start. When this safety feature has been compromised, it requires immediate attention. It can leave you without a car and this can be a great inconvenience.

Here are some ignition cylinder problems that you may face at some time or another.

  • It takes a long time to start the vehicle.

    Having an ignition problem does not always mean that your vehicle will not start. If you realize that you have to turn your key more than once for it to start, you should get the ignition checked out. Sometimes there is wear and tear in the ignition cylinder that you do not see. Eventually, it can cause your vehicle to stop starting altogether and you will need to replace the ignition. Sometimes the problem may arise from an issue with your transponder key.

  • It is not easy to insert or remove the key.

    Generally, you should have no trouble when you are inserting or removing your key from any lock system. Once there is resistance that is a sign of trouble. This case is no different from others. Provided that your steering wheel is not locked, it should be easy to insert your key and start your vehicle. You should not have to apply any form of force to get the key out, either. If you experience this, call us right away.

  • The car does not start regardless of how much or how long you turn the key.

    This is one of the most common complaints when it relates to faulty ignition cylinders. Why? Because many people do not notice the changes that occur before it gets to this stage. Sometimes this may occur because of an alarm system and of course, that is an easy fix. On the contrary, if there is something wrong with the ignition cylinder, you may end up replacing it.

  • The engine stops while you are driving.

    This may not be a very common problem but if you have a faulty ignition cylinder, it can happen to you. If you have an older car, ensure that you check your ignition cylinder to see if it has any corrosion. This can affect the voltage and in turn, the performance of your engine. This is why you may experience a misfire or stalling while you are driving.

What should you do if something is wrong with your ignition?

If you are having trouble starting your car, check to make sure that you have done all the necessary things for your vehicle to start properly. Remember, there are alarm systems that require special procedures before the vehicle can start. Make sure that your steering wheel is not in the locked position and your vehicle is not engaged in a gear. These are all things that can affect whether or not your car will start. A faulty battery can also cause a car not to start so it is important that you have the correct diagnosis for the problem before you begin to resolve it.

Once you have done all the necessary checks and you notice that there is still a problem, call us. We will send a locksmith to your location and change that ignition cylinder for you. Our technicians can tell you if the problem is really with the ignition cylinder or if you need help with some other part of the vehicle.

Do not try to start the vehicle by bypassing the ignition system. You may end up causing much more damage. Just wait a few minutes and we will be there to assist you. We will not have you waiting for an extended period of time.

Ignition problems can happen to anybody. Instead of calling your mechanic or taking a trip to your dealer, come and let the experts at Yucaipa Locksmith help you. We have the best trained technicians in the Yucaipa area and they have extensive experience in dealing with all sorts of ignition problems. We are sure that we will give you the best rates in the area. Do not spend a fortune at your dealer when we can do the same thing for less.

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